Why UpendUp?

“UpendUp” is a space to share and implement positive aspects of life, an effort to support people through a community to share ideas, new approaches and innovative plans to spark the creativity that never fades. It’s an initiative to bring a positive change in the society. In the path of following your passion, what did you end up as? Come and share it with “UpendUp”. Listen to the Success stories from the life of a person who ended up doing a great work. UpendUp is an organization which conducts Events and Conference which are inspiring talks by Speakers and a space to unveil knowledge and grow.


Our core mission is to reach common people and influence them with the ideas and show a right path to execute it. We aim at spreading innovative discipline in the society through our events and create a global community which welcomes every individual who can motivate people by their tale of success.


Each member of UpendUp should achieve their mission. We understand that the idea of inspiring people by success tales is worth it and we work every day to achieve it. Our vision and tagline is “An Idea to Mission” so, we support every passionate people to take their ideas till their mission.

UpendUp Conference

A focused environment to talk and share brilliant knowledge source with inspiring speakers for motivation. Our sense of purpose is a gathering in the form of an event where people who belong from the same professional field with the Speakers will attend workshops and meets depending upon the trending theme.

What is UpendUp Conference

Imagine a platform which provides raw knowledge based on floating themes in the market.This is what UpendUp Conference is all about. Our Conference have wide range of view upon the global market to filter about the event themes, as we want our topics to be trending and beneficial for the society. We keep an eye on all the broad subjects floating in the market and our research team selects a topic from them to feature at our event. UpendUp Conference will collectively shape our society in a better form as it showcases every aspect to generate new ideas. Draw inspiration from these senseful meets which will collaborate with Speakers globally to let the air of motivation flow within us all. The format is simple, we will have the speakers and the audience from the same background so that every individual can be benefited in the conference.

Types of UpendUp Conference

Our conference will be based on annual meets, focusing on a unique theme in every event. With learning process, we will have sources of entertainment as well. It will be sharing of knowledge with the element of fun added into it. The segregation of the meets are as follows-


Not all the learning comes from classroom lessons, we see learning development as a core component in individual growth, we have designed the programs where there is a place for sprouting and blooming, provides opportunity to meet people from different fields and get inspired. This is an initiative for student's better future filled with opportunities that they lack to discover at this stage. We ensure no student is left behind.


Geographical Conferences celebrate the human capabilities from all over the globe, as knowledge is spread everywhere, we try to bring it under one roof through our event. It’s the exploration of innovative ideas and polishing of your creative skills. According to the market industry we bring out the speaker in the event by listing out their names based on their global recognition and a framed life to motivate the audience with their speech and success stories.

Product Launch

We want to reach out to people on a demographical level by connecting the chain of our conferences with all so that everyone can conceive the knowledge shared in the event. Our conference will provide a platform for entrepreneurs and industrialists to launch their innovative products at our event and talk about its uses and benefits. These launch event will be the main factor to convey the audience about the global changing market and its profit.

Women Empowerment

As women’s being the chain breaker of the patriarchal notions, we at UpendUp conference will conduct special events to feature the successful tales of these women and girls in our society. Women are the important pillars and the change maker; they deserve a chance to showcase their efforts to the world and we will defiantly provide them with the platform. This event will convey inspirational tales for changes and evolutions.


With knowledge it is important to intake some fun in life, UpendUp conference has focused on that element too. We will have light sessions of culture showcase, dance performances, music melody, inspirational acts, poetry slams and much more to entertain the audience in the event. We believe that enjoyment is a basic part of life with gaining knowledge so, we have applied that aspect too in our event.

Social Cause

The exclusive social cause conference focus upon good things happening in our society. Many organizations and activists have taken up initiative on themselves to bring a change in the society by helping the unprivileged category and maintaining the balance in our environment. Our conference will support them by recognizing their efforts and felicitating them. This section will be held frequently to provide a helping hand to these foundations.

Recent Interviews

How to know about UpendUp Conference

No one should miss an opportunity to attend these phenomenal conferences filled with full of knowledge. To get all the updated information and details about the event an individual should register with us. The attendees have to keep a check on our website to book the tickets of the event when they are out with special offers. Follow us on social media to keep track of our engagements, new feeds and our community workshops. The main event will be conducted on annual basis but we will have regular learning sessions to keep the flow of spreading knowledge. Subscribe to our channel so that you won’t miss upon our latest interviews and articles.

UpendUp Conference Central Interest

The central interest of our conference is to connect with the youth and common people globally, from college students to every passionate person. We want to inspire the young generation as well as the people who have lost hope in their life with our motivational conferences. The development of mind is a necessary aspect, to clearly identify the difference in dreams, wishes and passions at a young age is important and our conferences support the youth to distinguish between it by the Speakers successful stories and the mentoring sessions. Be updated, as they say, ‘what you know is less and what you have to learn is more’ and this can be done by attending our conference meet.

Our Current Event


Event Features


“UpendUp” is Independent, non-profitable and devoted organization for idea sharing in the form of motivational tales. We majorly focus on the aspect of supporting people to change their lives for better and let the positive energy of knowledge flow constantly through our events. As a team, we will be co-traveller for the success of passionate people in any specific field they belong to. We want to reach out to each and every one in the society which will lead to a strong and sincere bond with them for lifetime. Polish your skills with the professionals who share a common interest in the same area as you do. Come and endup with us.


We are a start-up platform, which was initiated in the year 2017. The idea came up when we realized there are not many opportunities for people to share their innovative ideas because of that these motivational stories are not been heard by everyone. So, we decided that such people should be given a platform to express their experience and journey towards success to inspire everyone. The theme of our event depends upon the trending topic flowing in the market based on that our team lists the experienced, framed and skilled speakers. We invite our spectator who belongs to the same field so that the event benefits individually.


Explore the event which we strategies according to the requirements of the society, market and our sponsors. We prefer topics to support people and also involve entertainment concepts so that learning happens with a touch of fun element. We research geographical aspects to discover the speaker who will evolve you with their share of knowledge and experience that will elevate your passion to achieve success. To understand our sponsors, we technically segregate them to give equal benefits for all. After our analysis as a team, we know what exact our viewers expect from us, and we try every bit to provide them with touch of motivation.


The speakers play the most efficient part in the event towards the spectator by motivating them with their inspirational stories and making them understand the worth of seeking dreams. We invite accomplished speakers to express themselves and trigger your thoughts, the learned speakers will deliver speech’s which will be beneficial to the audience. It will contain direct information about the field speaker belongs to, market strategies and everything related to establish solid ground in the global market. The speakers are ready to clarify every doubt you have regarding the field, we provide a chance for direct interaction with them.


Our spectators will fill the true colour of passion and enthusiasm in every event, they will be the one benefited with every new opportunity we have. The idea behind our audience is very specific, in every event we will invite them based on the theme, they will belong from the same background depending upon the topic, it can be students, entrepreneurs, industrialist or anyone interested. This will have a clear runway for the speakers and the spectators as they both will have the intensity and passion in the same area. We will not forget our audience after the event, especially for them we have organize mentoring sessions for direct interaction with the speaker in our community so that the chain of knowledge will grow.

Event Program

The event program will feature innovative sections, it will have mentorship provided for the audience by our speakers. Event will completely flow with ideas, up gradation of knowledge and skills. It will be a process of learning and development with the speakers initiative who will conduct fun workshops for teaching demonstration to build a strong community. The conference will have amalgamation of people from all the levels who will share same passion for knowledge and will grab the opportunity of learning. The platform will be for skill development, strategizing investment, funding and to create a chain of network to connect easily with the global market.

Event Motto

We aim to reach people on every aspect, our targets are filtered and our vision is clear that we work to support our society. As a team, we have analysed our brand to reach wider audience and form global connects. We are a platform not only for motivational purpose but also for advertising and branding of other products which are beneficial for the society. Networks can be formed between industry officials, entrepreneurs and other business dealers to become supporters of each other. We focus upon growing as a community together for inspiring each other to work and give guidance. We want to support careers and bring up the burning passion into reality with our events.

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A chance to get connected to a group of audience who belongs from the same industry, yet with a different dimension and carry the exact intensity as you do. It’s about the community who has fulfilled their dreams by hard work and found the key to the lock of success. At UpendUp speakers play a crucial part in the event and influence the audience by motivating them.

Everyone can express themselves with compassion and share their ideas together in the community. We assist them to showcase their product in global market to establish a solid ground for them. We club people who have become and have bought change into their life and in the world to form a chain.

We bring out the speakers who have accomplished the steps of success through hard work. The stories of people who ended up following their passion. It’s a platform to exchange strong ideas and opinions for motivation.


We have mentors who will lead you to the correct direction to your passion. The audience can connect with the mentor to get a planned sketch to reach their goals. We equip the audience a space with the Speakers who are voluntarily ready to offer advice and guidance.


The Speaker we invite at “UpendUp” will always trigger your thoughts. We provide you an opportunity to clear all the doubts and queries by asking Speakers the question. Anyone can freely open up and have a conversation with them.


The audience and the speakers all are a part of our community. Share the gained knowledge and learn from others too. It’s an opportunity to polish your skills in the field you are passionate about.

Social Cause

We have created a specific category to feature the initiative taken up by such amazing people to bring out the best around the world and improvies the society. We at “UpendUp” are proud to be a part of this social cause which will help connect ideas and plans.


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