UpendUp The Barking Tale Event

Very often, people provide their pet dogs with the best facilities to nurture them. They raise them under unconditional love and affection. However, when we observe stray dogs, the society does not put enough effort to treat them in the same manner.
“The Barking Tale” is an initiative founded by UpEndUp which aim to rescue stray dogs. We intend to bring social activists and animal welfare organizations by creating a one stop network. Our purpose is to build a community across India, that focus on the welfare of stray dogs. We aim to save, rescue, provide shelter homes, provide nourishment and create awareness of their condition across India.

The Barking Tale

The rescuers that we invite will share their personal stories and passion for rescuing stray dogs. Likewise, the invited veterinaries will also share experiences and information on animal support and well-being. We will conduct workshops and discussions, to highlight the negligence of stray animals and what we can do to help. This workshop seeks to create awareness and teach us how to be more mindful to stray animals. It will be a great learning process for the audience and a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Why Are We?

Who are We?

UpEndUp is a shared space that implement positive aspects of life. It seeks to support people through a community to share ideas and innovations. Based in Bangalore, we are an ever-expanding stage with a flexible platform. We aim to connect, receive, share, enquire and research ideas. A place for those who seek to ‘up-end’ the barriers, power through their limitations and ‘end-up’ with accomplishments.

Why Us?

UpEndUp is a community where one shares their ideas, boundaries, hardships with like-minded audiences. Our objective is to connect people who have the same interest and share guidelines which can be beneficial for those with similar interests. Our social vision THE BARKING TALE, will contribute and act as a bridge between animal rescuers, social activists, volunteers, animal welfare organizations to rescue stray dogs.


Our core motto is to awaken the society towards the treatment of stray dogs. Our primary goal is to spread awareness and to implement relevant solutions for stray dogs rescue. We want to ensure a better treatment of stray animals and to encourage people to endow in street dogs for adoption. We aim to work together with our community and support social activists, passionate people and the animal welfare institutions to create a safer environment for them.

Event Look.Up

THE BARKING TALE is an event organized for a great cause. Essentially, we have curated our program with fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Our activities include, fun games, ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) fresh dog clothes, adoption, walk & wash, to name a few. We will also conduct workshops centered on rescue stories and health instructions on saving and taking care of dogs. We will install food trucks and food stalls which will serve food for animals as well. We highly recommend to bring your pets! We will conduct a fun photo shoot for your pet, or your new pet! We will also showcase documentaries/short films and awareness programs for the same. The invited speakers (activists and dog rescuers) will share life-changing stories and guide you how to give, help, contribute and engage. We will also set up stalls for stray dogs for adoption. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by dogs!

We have curated a number of speakers and professionals who will participate in THE BARKING TALE, to share their narrative. We look forward to them leading you to the correct direction and become passionate about stray animals. The audience can connect with the speakers to inculcate their drive and passion. We equip the audience a space to communicate and connect. Come and identify your mentor among our other speakers.

People Involved

THE BARKING TALE invites animal rescuers, activists, volunteers, organizations to raise awareness about the condition of stray dogs. From activists to animal welfare officers, we strive to bring the most relevant individuals who make a difference. Some of our activists include individuals who have rescued about 53 dogs and provided them with a better life. Another activist has launched an app that provide immediate assistance to injured dogs to veterinaries, ambulances and blood donors during emergencies. A few have a record of rescuing over 150 dogs and others have fed many dogs along with bathing them. Other activists run rehome facilities, and have also provided them with sterilization. To know more stories and to find out how to contribute, join us for THE BARKING TALE.


The people involved in this program are well established veterinarians and animal welfare experts. They are well informed about the conditions of stray dogs, as most of them are professionals. Apart from them, we are also inviting animal rights activists and volunteers who have prior experience in this cause. Anyone can openly start conversations with them and ask for any queries for the same.


For our workshop, we will organise a community gathering to create more awareness about the condition of stray dogs. In this case, we will host rescuers and activists and provide them with a platform to share their stories and contributions. We will also invite guests and members of the Animal rescue committee, veterinaries etc. to share their narratives.


Our community is a team of dog lovers who are keen to connect, receive, share and explore solutions for the issues related to this cause. Our community will consist of social activists, veterinaries, volunteers and those passionate about dogs, especially stray ones. We will give our best to contribute to the well-being of stray dogs.

Social Cause

We have categorized our passion on various aspects. This initiative focuses not just on animals, it also shares society’s treatment towards them. People associated with us will work towards social cause without expecting any benefits. We aim to spread the message of understanding and create compassion towards rescue animals in the society. We are proud to be a part of this special cause.

UpendUp Speakers

Need a loyal friend?
Give stray dogs a chance!

UpEndUp brings you THE BARKING TALE, a social initiative focused on the welfare of stray dogs. A one stop network for social activists, animal rescuers, animal welfare experts. Our aim is to build a conscious community across India. This event highlights the importance of animals, society, and the society’s treatment towards animals. Speakers of this event will inspire, influence, motivate and connect with the audience with their personal stories and experience. We intend on bringing veterinarians to learn more about animal health.

Most people are unaware of the condition and state of stray animals. UpEndUp’s outlook on this subject matter is to create more awareness. Most stray dogs don’t have access to food or water and one can find them in dumpsters and unhygienic surroundings. They don’t have homes or shelters, and are often mistreated in the streets. As most of them are not medically treated, it can be dangerous for human health if bitten. Since it is observed that stray dogs are neglected, we want to address various solutions to minimize this issue. We came up with this program to provide free vaccination to stray dogs, to ensure their well-being, and to put them for adoption.
Let us join our hands and support this great cause! Join us for THE BARKING TALE, contribute and make a change!


Our event highlights a social cause that focuses on animals as well as the society. We believe that our event will be beneficial for those who are in the same occupation of rescuing, saving and adopting stray dogs. We majorly focus in the aspect of supporting people to change their lives and influence them in a positive manner.

Our team selects the speakers on the based on the theme of the events. We analyze their market value, knowledge and career. Moreover, we decide the speaker depending on the particular field on the basis of experience.

Yes, you can definitely be a part of our event as a speaker. There are certain criteria for which you will need to fit, in order to work with us. You have to send us few required details to our email address and our research team will get back to you after analyzing the details.

Our events are exclusively for passionate audience depending upon the theme. Each event has a theme and the audience usually belong in the same background or are passionate about the same. Students, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Sponsors and Professionals are welcome.

It is necessary to share and engage with the knowledge that you receive. Our community focuses on that aspect. It’s a place where interested candidates can come and be a part of the community. Our audience are also an integral part of this community.

To be a part of our community, one has to attend our events and the workshops. The people in the community should typically belong in the same field as the speaker. In order to join our community, you have to register your details with us.

Yes, you can set up your stall during the event given that the is related to the theme of the particular event. You can mail us to find out more.

Our events will be very beneficial for entrepreneurs, as the events comprise of diverse audiences. You can easily form your network and feature your products with them. This event will also have speakers to guide you with all the required details throughout their speech. Our speakers will guide you with all the necessary piece of information you need.