Unmask inspirational Stories from the people

“UpendUp” is a space to share and implement positive aspects of life, an effort to support people through a community to share ideas, new approaches and innovative plans to spark the creativity that never fades. It’s an initiative to bring a positive change in the society.

About Us

In the path of following your passion, what did you end up as? Come and share it with “UpendUp”. What's better than listening to the true events from the life of a person who has ended up doing a great work in their field. At “UpendUp” you grow as a person under the guidance of the one who has overcome all the boundaries and hardship of life and create a positive impact to see a clear picture of your goals. A chance to get connected to a group of audience who belongs from the same industry, yet with a different dimension and carry the exact intensity as you do. It’s about the community who has fulfilled their dreams by hard work and found the key to the lock of success.


What We Do?

We conduct events which will make you experience what true knowledge is, we invite people from different parts to connect and form a network of great capabilities, skills and share their life experience. We uphold and grow together as a community.

Why We?

The speakers give the touch of words conveyed through stories of the struggles they overcame and became uncommon by their work. We provide a stage for the people to showcase their ideas, plans and connect directly with everyone to deliberately bring change.

Our Vision

Each member of “UpendUp” should achieve their mission.

Our Values

"Knowledge consists in recognizing the difference between, Good and Bad 'Right' decisions..."

Our Mission

Our core mission is to reach common people and influence them with the ideas and show a right path to execute it.

Our Team

We are a team pursuing our goals towards sculpting the society for a better tomorrow and bring incentive change. We carve our passion to mould the company. We support teamwork and plan according to the advance market.